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Welcome to our homepage!

We founded Vanilia Keramia, Inc. in 1995.  Our venture was aided by the closeness of the prestigious Herend Porcelain Manufactory, and so our artisans have always been the finest in the industry.  Nevertheless, we have always strived to maintain a very different product line, both in style and atmosphere, among the ceramics on the market.

In the manufacturing process we paint under the glaze or rarely we apply stickers. We also use special techniques to create stylish patterns onto varied forms.
Most of our ceramics fit with the Country/Provence style which is in demand everywhere in the world; it doesn't only bring you a Mediterranean feeling but the traditional Hungarian roots can also be found thanks to our unique procedures.


Some of the advantages of the hand-made painting is the wide variety of patterns and the rich colour palette. With these we can create a nice and cozy atmosphere. We hope that our products will be used with as much appreciation as they were made and will bring joy to many households.



Our products are sold everywhere in Hungary but thanks to our expanding retail network also in several other European countries. If you are interested in the distribution of our products you can find more information in the referring section.

Thank you!



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